Reading: 1rst dibs’ magazine

There’s a few e-design magazines that I don’t even have time to enjoy most of the time! (Can you say “Lonny”?) But they definitely merit attention.  One of them is 1rst dibs ‘introspective’ magazine.   It uses a beautiful page-turning format and the articles always have great photography.  The articles are usually brief profiles highlighting today’s designers.  (Click to see the high res image).


One of the best features is “The Talent” which is kind of a whos who of the up-and-coming.  They always conclude with completely unaffordable 1rst dibs pieces.  (1rst dibs is a high design online source).


Check out the full piece featuring NYC based design group THE SCOUT.  These are some fantastic eclectic interiors that really float my boat!  One of the great thing about the spaces featured in this piece is they rely on the brilliance of decorating, not amazing airy architecture, which most of us don’t have, sadly.



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