The (almost) superfast lunch series

I work from home. Mostly, I eat leftovers for lunch.  I am not that big on bread. But sometimes, sometimes….all the leftovers are gone, through miscalculation or attack from other wandering members of the household (i.e. brother).  Then, it is just me, my wits and my raging appetite.

Luckily we keep a rather stocked pantry.

This is a series without photos. Let’s get this straight! This is about fast cooking and satisfying a need not the glory of food production!  Make it fast and wolf it down between dropping baby off at daycare and getting on with the day’s labour! Now, for some people, their needs could be satisfied with raw vegetables and a piece of the macaroni and cheese they made on Sunday.  Fridge to mouth. That’s not me.  Me? I need something reasonably fresh and on these rainy summer days, warming.

But these are superfast for people who regularly spend an hour making elaborate meals.  This can be in yo’ belly in about 20 minutes, stat!

Sorry, this series probably will not have photos because they are conducted and created in real time, and end up hot in my belly pre-styling and pre-photograph.  Although maybe I’ll just keep the camera in the kitchen. TIME WILL TELL MY FRIENDS. TIME WILL TELL.




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