About Little Hogtown House

Hiya. Thanks for visiting!

You know those other blogs about lifestyle? Where there are pictures of long haired mavens of style with striped shirts and artfully decorated cupcakes/ streamers/ tiny polka dots/ sunlight streaming through a perfectly decorated bedroom/ living room?  Yeah, that is not this blog.   This is a blog about LIFE not LIFESTYLE.

Hogtown is a nickname for Toronto, Canada where I live.  It’s a great city with its share of great city problems (read: ongoing debate on funding transit).  I grew up here, I had my daughter here 8 months ago, my parents and brother live here, and though I’ve lived all over the world (Paris, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, NYC), I think I’m going to craft my life here.

My ongoing drive to craft my life with purpose is the ostensible reason behind this blog.  I unexpectedly became a mom at the age of 30.  Like many moms out there I was both ready for it and woefully unprepared.  Having her made me want to attack my life more conscientiously.  What have I learned about things that I can impart to my daughter?  What do I still have to learn?

I’ve always thought life is awfully rich and fantastic – there’s an adventure around every corner; and as I have gotten older I’ve realized that that corner doesn’t have to be halfway around the world, either.  Often it’s very close to home.

I am a little design obsessed and I originally thought this would be about decor and pinterest (oooh I love pinterest!) but I’m equally interested in how we live our lives, not just what it looks like.

I hope you find my journey interesting and inspiring.  It’s part bebe, part mood board, part personal finance, part research, part reckless frugality, part love affair with a yucky little house that my bro and I bought 6 years ago when we were broke, housing prices were low, and we were still in our 20s and the lives we are making in it.

May 10, 2013


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