Source: LUMAS

Lumas is a German-U.S. photography gallery with a massive online presence.  I discovered it several years ago and have coveted their affordable photography ever since.  I think buying a piece from here was on my list FOREVER but somehow I can never seem to justify doing so.  They have reprints of classic pieces, up and coming as well as limited edition prints from established artists.  


I see they’ve recently reorganized their site and it’s a bit wonky in places. The old categories are gone and they have illustrations, movie stills, digital art and painting now in addition to the old photography standbys! They’ve also expanded the number of galleries they have around the world.  Why do I imagine parting with $600 would be much easier if I didn’t hand it over in person… For some reason I chose all images of women but there are landscapes, abstract pieces, still lives, magazine covers, the whole gamut. 

Check it out here.